Not dead yet

But sure feels like it as I seem to be the only poster and don't have much content to pass along. Hopefully, LJ's recent changes will breath new life into this community.
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Moxie in new Stephen King Novel

It's been brought to my attention by a fellow Moxie Fan, the well known Moxie Boy Impersonator at the annual Moxie Day Parade, that Stephen King's new novel, 11/22/63, makes several references to Moxie and the Lisbon Falls Moxie Mecca, Kennebec Flavored Fruits. :)
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Some great Moxie News

Passed on from Merrill Lewis, President of the New England Moxie Congress:

"Just in time for the upcoming Moxie Week Celebrations, the MOXIE BEVERAGE COMPANY (formerly Cornucopia Beverages) has announced the beginning of their new promotional campaign by launching a new website ( and by introducing a new catchphrase, "LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH MOXIE" along with a treasured old one, "Distinctively Different". We're sure much more will be heard about this when Moxie Brand Manager Justin Conroy addresses the NEMC annual meeting on Sunday, 7/ there!

Also, Moxie is on sale this weekend...see our website for details.

Drink Moxie
Think Moxie


If you're in Maine this week, you can catch several Moxie-related events all week leading-up to the Moxie Festival next Saturday in Lisbon. See the Moxie Congress website above for more info.
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Greetings from the new Community Maintainer

Logged into my email this morning and surprise, surprise, I have an email indicating that whoever use to be the maintainer has passed the responsibility onto me. If that was you. Thank you, but it would have been appreciated if I was given a heads-up in advance. I'm in the process of transferring my blogging activity (very slowly--very busy time of year for me) over to Dreamwidth. I guess for now, I'll need to keep an eye over here from time-to-time.

In the meantime, I've made two minor changes to the community profile--changed a typo and included the website to the New England Moxie Congress. If you're a Moxie fan, you might want to check them out and consider joining: $10 per year or $100 life.

Is there anything else you would like to see updated/changed to the community profile. Any other volunteers to be a maintainer?

Other news:
Through today (yes, short notice), Sept. 5, at Shaw's Supermarkets throughout New England using your Shaw's ("Big Brother") Card, you can get four 12pks of Moxie for $10 plus tax/deposit.

In Maine and not sure what to do with the rest of the weekend? The Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage (and the Moxie Annex) in Union, Maine is open through Labor Day Noon to 4pm. Directions are on their website.

Also, Roadside America did a great article on the Moxie Annex about a year ago. Two minor errors: The bright orange panel is a replica, not original. Also, if filled with our favorite beverage, the bottle house stand would hold roughly 111,000 cans.
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Matthews Museum could use your help

For Maine Moxie Drinkers only: Why? 'Cause only Mainahs can vote on this, though I wish everyone else could too. Bangor Savings Bank is offering $5,000 grants to community non-profit organizations across the state based on who Mainahs vote to get those grants. The Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage, home of the National Moxie Museum, could sure use that grant money. If you're a Mainah and willing to help, go to the Bangor Savings Bank Community Matters More page and vote. In the Mid-Coast section, fill in "Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage, Union, Maine". Thanks!