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Some great Moxie News [Jul. 2nd, 2011|07:37 am]
Moxie drinkers


Passed on from Merrill Lewis, President of the New England Moxie Congress:

"Just in time for the upcoming Moxie Week Celebrations, the MOXIE BEVERAGE COMPANY (formerly Cornucopia Beverages) has announced the beginning of their new promotional campaign by launching a new website (www.drinkmoxie.com) and by introducing a new catchphrase, "LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH MOXIE" along with a treasured old one, "Distinctively Different". We're sure much more will be heard about this when Moxie Brand Manager Justin Conroy addresses the NEMC annual meeting on Sunday, 7/10...be there!

Also, Moxie is on sale this weekend...see our website www.moxiecongress.org for details.

Drink Moxie
Think Moxie


If you're in Maine this week, you can catch several Moxie-related events all week leading-up to the Moxie Festival next Saturday in Lisbon. See the Moxie Congress website above for more info.